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What the Port!

UPDATE (27 March 2020): When I initially wrote this post (10 Feb 2020) I used public facing user manuals, as well as a screen grab I had for an internal Dell EMC document. I have since found the author of that document, and would like to acknowledge the great work by Roger Anderson, an Onsite Systems Engineer based out of Sweden.

IP Ports, Protocols & URLs in use by various Dell EMC OpenManage products.

  • OpenManage Enterprise 3.2.1

  • Dell Repository Manager 3.2

  • SupportAssist Enterprise 4.0.5

I often get asked which IP ports and protocols are used by OpenManage, and whilst this info is in the official user guides, we don’t really have a single guide for this info across the portfolio of products.

As already mentioned, this info is in the user guides, so please be sure to refer to the guides if the version of a product you’re using is significantly different to those listed above.

The user guides are all available at Details on how to navigate to the guides is here.

Personally I think a picture is worth a thousand words, and I hope to produce and publish one at some point in the future, but for now, you'll just have to make do with these tables.

Because it might be a bit hard to copy/paste from here, the Google sheet I use to generate these tables is here:

OpenManage Enterprise

Ports and Protocols Used by OME

URL's Used by OME

SupportAssist Enterprise

OK, so ports and protocols for SAE vary a lot based on what SAE is monitoring. What I'm going to document in the table below is the bulk of the main ports/protocols used, but your mileage may vary, particularly for EMC storage products which can use a lot of proprietary ports/protocols.

The full support matrix for SAE 4.0.5 which lists all the ports/protocols can be found here

Ports and Protocols Used by SAE

URLs Used by SAE

Dell Repository Manager

Ports and Protocols Used by DRM

URLs Used by DRM

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