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SNMP Traps and Alerts with Dell OpenManage Enterprise

Whilst OpenManage Enterprise (OME) is a great tool for management, monitoring and configuration of Dell EMC servers, it's probably unlikely that you'll use it as the primary monitoring console in your environment, that is, whilst OME may receive and process diagnostic information from Dell PowerEdge servers, being alerted of any issues might happen elsewhere in your environment e.g. Solarwinds, ManageEngine etc.

Luckily setting up SNMP alerts in OME is simple, and trap forwarding is covered off in the OpenManage Enterprise Version x.x User's Guide (details on how to find and download the guide are here), so I won't go into those details here.

Unfortunately what isn't documented, are the various SNMP alert categories listed in OME, so I'll attempt to document them here as a starting point.

OME Alert Categories

  • Application - alerts regarding the OME application, such examples could include health of the application, browser errors, etc.

  • Dell Storage - alerts regarding supported storage systems e.g., SC Series, PS series.

  • iDRAC - alerts regarding iDRAC interfaces from systems supported OME.

  • IF-MIB - 3rd party MIB devices added to OME.

  • MM - Management Module – details from OME Modular (OME-M) based systems including PowerEdge MX.

  • Networking - alerts regarding supported Dell networking devices.

  • OMSA - alerts from systems with OpenManage Server Administrator agent installed, including OS info, certain metrics.

  • OpenManage Enterprise - alerts regarding the OME virtual appliance, such as database logs filling up, status of managed devices, etc.

  • OpenManage Essentials - alerts from OMEssentials if OMEnterprise is configured as a receiver from OMEssentials traps.

  • Power Manager - alerts from the Power Manager integration and also information from the device when power manager is configured.

  • RFC1215 - 3rd party MIB information configured using this standard.

  • SNMPv2-MIB - 3rd party MIB information configured using this standard.

  • VMware - OS information when a customised Dell ISO including the VIB is installed, OME is VMware aware.

So hopefully this list helps people get started with forwarding traps from OME.

I'd like to acknowledge the assistance from Dan Sobczak in compiling this SNMP category list based on his experiences and conversations with Dell OME Product Group.

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